Heston Blumenthal Endorsed Vegan ‘Meat’ Fable Debuts in 470 Coles Stores Nationally

Just four months after Australian plant-based startup Fable Food Co launched its signature Plant Based Braised Beef product in 600 Woolworths in June, the business celebrates another milestone announcing today it will be stocking 470 Coles stores around Australia.

Endorsed by celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal who uses it in his Michelin Star restaurants, Fable is a whole food plant-based meat alternative with a slow-braised meat texture that replicates the appearance and taste of slow cooked pulled meats but is made with 62% shiitake mushroom and other all-natural plant-based ingredients.

Developed by chef and mycologist Jim Fuller and 2018 Australian Organic Farmer of the Year Chris McLoghlin, the fine dining quality plant-based protein sells at comparable retail prices to slow cooked pulled meat options – $8.50 for 250g – giving Australian customers the opportunity to enjoy premium quality faux meats without the hefty price tag.

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Demand for meat-free products has soared as one in three Australians actively seek to cut down on meat intake and adopt plant-based or flexitarian diets. Recent data reveals Australia is the world’s second biggest vegan market, behind the United Kingdom. Global market research firm Euromonitor International predicts that Australia’s packaged vegan food category will be valued at $215 million by year’s end, and projects that by 2030 it will be valued at $140 billion globally.

To meet rising consumer demand for plant-based protein, Coles plans to increase its range of alternative meats. “We’ve seen a significant increase in interest and demand in the plant-based food category, and we are working to provide our customers more choice and variety,” said Aliette Errington, Coles Category Manager, BBQ and Meat Free.

“We’re excited to offer Fable’s premium plant-based braised beef products to more Aussie kitchens and continue building our offering in the growing category.”

In addition to stocking its products in the country’s biggest supermarkets, Fable’s first-year startup achievements include partnerships with Harris Farm Markets grocery stores, Marley Spoon and Dinnerly meal delivery kits, and included on the menus of various restaurant across Australia, Singapore, and the UK.

“Bringing our delicious plant-based braised beef products to Aussies in partnership with Coles marks an important milestone in our mission to make plant-based food more appealing and accessible for everyone,” said Michael Fox, co-founder and CEO of Fable.

“We want to show Aussies that plant-based proteins can be as delicious as meat and help make it easier for people to make more sustainable food choices without compromising on taste or quality.”

Fable is continuing to develop its plant-based meat offerings and has a number of product launches and partnerships lined up.

“We’re continually developing our product offering and looking for ways to bring plant-based more into the mainstream,” said Fox.

“We’re looking forward to announcing more launches and partnerships in the coming months, and giving Aussies more options to incorporate plant-based food into their diets.”

Coles shoppers can find Fable with other refrigerated protein alternatives in the meat aisle.

Browse Fable’s library of tasty vegan recipes here.

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All images by Natalie Nguyen.

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